Flutter App Development services

Flutter App Development Services

KEIZO Solutions also specialized in developing mobile apps in flutter. Flutter app development offers applications that run on mobile, web and desktop using a single codebase. Our team of expert developers builds an impressive, fully functional mobile app in flutter that makes your way to the Android play store and iOS app store faster. We take a result-oriented approach to develop the app in flutter. KEIZO Solutions is flutter app development company in Noida. KEIZO Solutions provides flutter app development services.

What is Flutter app development?

Flutter is an open-source software development kit which enables smooth and easy cross-platform mobile app development. Using Flutter, developers can build attractive apps in record time and cover the iOS and Android platforms simultaneously. Flutter also increases development speed, helping lower costs.

Benefits of Flutter App Development

  • Hot Reload
  • This is a unique feature to Flutter, where developers can see changes made to code instantly. Any updates are available to both the designers and developers in a matter of seconds. They do not have to wait for updates and can continue using the framework to develop other features with no interruptions.

  • High Performance
  • There’re many factors that impact the performance of an app, including CPU usage, frame number per second, request number per second, average response time, and many more. The rate of Flutter is 60fps, at which contemporary screens display a smooth and clear picture.

  • Cross-platform environment
  • Flutter has a high-performance rendering engine, to render your app cross-platform without affecting UI. It uses skia for rendering, and offers next-level cross-platform integration to help your user use the app seamlessly through any platform.

  • One UI design
  • Flutter helps create great UI designs for Android and iOS mobile apps. Using a single code base, you can develop only one user interface design and use it for both platforms.

  • Widgets and compatibility
  • Widgets are the building blocks on which the whole app is based. There are ready-made as well as customizable ones - everything in Flutter can be built from widgets. Since widgets are part of the app and not the specific platform, the end product will most likely have fewer compatibility issues on different OS versions.

Flutter App Development services


Flutter App Development Services

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